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Chinese Edtech Sees $1.86B in Q1 2019, Bucking Plummeting Venture Trend – Education Article

In China, the edtech industry appears to be immune to the whiplash that has hit venture investing across other sectors. Education investments showed modest growth in the first quarter of 2019, even as venture investing in China in all other sectors dropped sharply. From January through March 2019, 131 China edtech ventures raised more than $1.86 billion (RMB 12.51 billion), according to data compiled by Mission EDU and Jingmeiti. That represents a year-over-year growth of 2.4 percent increase in financing.…

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With Brexit Looming, Is There a Place for the UK in Global Edtech? – Education Article

With the Brexit limbo set to linger for a few months yet, uncertainty looks likely to continue affecting the U.K.’s commercial relationships. Foreign direct investment in the country has fallen by nearly 20% in the last three years, and the same period has seen British companies less likely to enter into foreign trade than before. Despite a difficult short-term picture, though, there is some hope that the U.K. can continue to thrive in areas such as education—a sector that can…

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