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Lord Armstrong of Ilminster obituary | Politics

Robert Armstrong, Lord Armstrong of Ilminster, who has died aged 93, was the supreme Whitehall mandarin – discreet, a staunch defender of official secrecy, a loyal servant of his political masters. He held all the key posts as he passed through the Whitehall corridors of power. He was private secretary first to the liberal, reforming Labour home secretary Roy Jenkins, and subsequently, between 1970 and 1975, to a Conservative prime minister, Edward Heath, and a Labour one, Harold Wilson. He…

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Analysing the purpose and value of universities | Letters | Education

Simon Jenkins asserts that: “A university course has barely changed its three-year structure of lectures, essays and exams in a hundred years” (What are our universities for?, Journal, 31 May). It’s true that the sector remains sceptical about two-year degrees, but teaching and assessment methods on most university courses today would be unrecognisable to anyone who was a student 30 years ago. Current politics students at Liverpool still attend lectures, submit essays and take exams. But they also analyse election…

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Podcast 47: Mental Health – Is Good Enough, Good Enough? – Education Article

Podcast 47: Mental Health – Is Good Enough, Good Enough? | TeacherToolkit 11th May 201910th May 2019 Joshua McGovern 156 Views #100women, #TTkit100Women, #TTkitPodcast, 100 Word Challenge, A levels, Anorexia, Assisted Place, Assisted Places, Autism, Autistic, Devon, Dr Pooky Knightsmith, Experimental Psychology, Freelance, Gibraltar, Green Paper, Imposter Syndrome, Julia Skinner, Kings College, Margaret Thatcher, Mental Health, Michelle Obama, Middle Class, Oxbridge, Oxford University, Parenting, PhD, Podcast, Pooky H, Poverty, Psychology, Self-Harming, Women’s… This is only a snippet of a Education…

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