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7 Important Questions Before Implementing Digital Portfolios – George Couros – Education Article

Digital portfolios have been something that I have been work on for over ten years, and I am very passionate about not only the product it can create but, more importantly, the process. Having a space to share my learning and reflections has been powerful during this time in our world. In this post, I share some of the questions districts, schools, and individuals need to consider for implementation. I address all of these questions in my most recent course…

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The Importance of Classroom Observations – The Principal of Change – Education Article

Notice the title of the post…”The Importance of Classroom Observations.” When you hear the term, do you think of observing and evaluating teachers or of the logistics of the space? To me, the term means something different, and it is more of an evaluation of administration than it is of teachers. Let me explain… When I worked as a principal and eventually at central office, I would often take my laptop into classrooms with the permission of a teacher and…

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