Eureka Crate Review – Is It Our Favorite Subscription Box For Teens? – Education Article

Instruction manuals are one way to differentiate between just  good boxes and the top ones.  As an example, our Creation Crate review highlights how unclear and sometimes wrong instructions made the project way more complicated than it had to be.  It weighed down our final thoughts on what could have been one of the best subscription boxes. Kiwico has really nailed down the art of including enough – but no more information than is needed – in their instruction booklets. …

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Makerspace for Little or Nothing – Education Article

Makerspace for Little or NothingYou don’t have to spend thousands of dollars to start a Makerspace area. You don’t have to have a designated room or rip out bookcases. You can even have a Makerspace on a cart! When we have testing in our Library, I put all our Makerspace stuff on an AV cart and roll it into our server room.  This post evolved from a previous post called Makerspace Starter Kit Updated where I had some of these…

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Maker Marvelous: Book Page Pumpkins – Education Article

Hey dear readers, Gwyneth here!  I haven’t had a guest post in 7 or so years, but I thought this was such a great idea I begged my dear fellow HCPSS Teacher Librarian, Danielle Du Puis, (and my former student teacher!) to let me share this super ….actually, ……marvelous Maker Idea! Confession: I LOVE Pumpkins (but NOT Pumpkin Spice!) Pumpkins are perfect for the Fall season…from September to December, a Book Page Pumpkin is great to create! Now, for the…

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