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Getting past STEM Labels into real STEM Learning @coolcatteacher – Education Article

Lots of things are labeled “STEM” these days but many of them are just rote instructions for students to follow. Is this truly STEM learning? Taylor Ryan is STEM coordinator for his school as they work to integrate STEM into every class. He shares what he’s learned about true STEM learning in the past year in this role. Hear about STEM from the trenches of a school that is doing it. Listen to Taylor Ryan talk about authentic STEM Learning…

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Making is in Our DNA – Education Article

A Principal’s Reflections: Making is in Our DNA Making is in Our DNA I have such fond memories of the time I had with both my grandfathers, albeit much too short as one of them was taken from us too soon.  Each of them had such a great fondness for the outdoors, which influenced my decision to pursue degrees in marine environmental science and biology.  William Sheninger, or “Pappy” as we called him, was always outside fixing things and my…

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Blowing minds with Makey Makey – Mr. Hill’s Musings – Education Article

Our school recently held its annual Maker Jam Slam, a celebration of STEAM with other schools from across Hong Kong. This was my latest experience of seeing cool products used in creative ways by other teachers and students and, once again, feeling like I was missing out. Worse than that, I felt that my students were missing out. I consider myself fairly tech-savvy regarding software, but these kinds of STEAM, tinkering, electrical products are another level. With the Christmas holidays…

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