Free computer programming courses | eSchool News – Education Article

DataCamp for the Classroom offers free access to data science and analytics educators across the globe to all DataCamp content. This includes a growing library of 325+ courses in Python, R, SQL, and other technologies. To date, DataCamp has helped over 200,000 students and teachers from 180 countries build data skills. This delivers on its mission for democratizing data science and analytics education around the world. For more information visit DataCamp for the Classroom This is only a snippet of…

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A Library Transformed | Getting Smart – Education Article

By: Dustin Hensley You know that word association game where someone will say a word and then you are supposed to say the first things that come to your mind? Let’s play, “Library.” I’m sure I can guess some of the words that you thought of. Books? Dewey Decimal? Card catalog? Shushing? All of those words are indicative of what libraries have traditionally been. Solitary book depositories kept silent so that students could search the shelves for something to read.…

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Create a Safe Space – Education Article

This is not something new. Our School Library has always been a safe space for kiddos of all kinds. Our wonderful Middle School community is a rich tapestry of many woven threads, rich colors, diverse backgrounds, orientations, expressions, many abilities and kids from many lands speaking many languages. Laurel, Maryland is right smack dab between Washington DC and Baltimore – it’s like our school has always been a mini United Nations. I love that about us! And our School Library…

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