Moving at the Speed of Creativity – Education Article

In November 2017, I shocked my family and many friends by switching from an iPhone to an Android smartphone. Ten of the reasons why I switched are detailed in this post, but the main four were: Travel Security Lower Cost Extended Battery Life Google AI Technology in the Google Assistant It’s been a good experiment, but I’ve been missing iOS and an iPhone for multiple reasons. Later today I’m throwing in the towel and purchasing a used iPhone 6+ for…

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3 Books about Teaching English in the Middle School Years – Education Article

Getting Started: A Path to Success to Teaching English to Middle School Students and BeyondNot Intimidating: Teaching Different Reading Genres to a Diverse Student BodyMore about Writing: Designing Student Assignments with Specific StepsBy Anna J. Small Roseboro(Rowman & Littlefield, 2019 – Learn more) Reviewed by Anne Anderson Anna J. Small Roseboro offers educators a trio of books filled with an assortment of strategies for teaching middle school students. Both veteran and beginning teachers will find any of these titles useful.…

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