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The Best Ways to Inspire Your Students to Learn Science – Education Article

Isaac Newton first conceptualized the idea of gravity when an apple fell on his head. This moment was simple, but inspirational—with a huge impact on scientific progress to come. Answers of great importance such as this can originate in the simplest of questions: why, what, when and where? These questions are what begin a student’s journey into the complicated world of scientific discovery. But what are the best ways to inspire a student to learn science? Get Creative Do you…

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Taking the Guesswork Out of Science – Education Article

By: Regina Ahmann Workers in science- or STEM-related fields typically use multi-sensor packets to collect several points of data quickly and accurately. Copying those real-world tasks through the use of probes and data loggers in science instruction not only prepares STEM-focused students for the workplace but also streamlines experiment procedures, increases the accuracy of results, and heightens the engagement of all students, even those not planning on STEM careers. I’ll use the example of environmental science, a hands-on subject where…

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