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Why Grade-wise Learning Outcome Documents May Not Be So Useful Any Longer – Education Article

I have noticed that there is a strong sense especially among administrators that grade-wise Learning Outcome statements are important and useful in helping improve learning levels. Some states have also mandated painting them inside classrooms. Examples of such Learning Outcomes statements are: By Grade 1 learner: names familiar objects seen in the pictures recites poems/rhymes with actions recites number names and counts objects up to 20, concretely, pictorially and symbolically counts objects using numbers 1 to 9 By Grade 3 learner: recites…

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The learning assessment market: pointers for countries – part 1 – Education Article

By Silvia Montoya, Director, UNESCO Institute for Statistics (UIS) and Luis Crouch, Senior Economist, RTI International [1] Measuring learning outcomes is key to the Sustainable Development Goal for education (SDG 4). There are about a dozen indicators that measure learning outcomes. Data for these indicators are provided via a market. It may seem odd to think so but think about it for a moment: there are data producers, there are data consumers (countries, policymakers, international agencies and researchers), and there…

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