Laurie Lichtenstein

The Virtues of Teaching Middle School Online – Education Article

By Laurie Lichtenstein I like a good intellectual and creative challenge. But when my school closed last week and my principal said, “This is an exciting adventure!” I gave him a half smile and a silent eye roll. This was not the particular kind of challenge I was looking for at this particular juncture. Yet this is exactly where I found myself when my district, along with thousands of others across the nation, shut their doors to help flatten the…

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“You Gotta Get to June” – Education Article

By Laurie Lichtenstein School in Spring. Freedom so close you can taste the poolside popsicles. Teachers open their windows for a waft of fresh air, crisp at 7:30 AM and fragrant by noon. Birds drown out the band.  Sunny dispositions abound. Students squirm but they learn. Except, this is middle school. In Spring. The reality is much, much darker, think a co-ed Lord of The Flies or if television is more your thing, Survivor. Everyone’s just trying to get off…

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