What constitutes “Balanced Literacy” depends on who you’re talking to. – Education Rickshaw – Education Article

I recently finished reading Dan Willingham’s book, Raising Kids who Read: What Parents and Teachers can do. Of particular interest to me (Zach) was the chapter in which Willingham described the infamous “Reading Wars”. Having just facilitated design thinking around literacy at my school, during which we started a discourse (Described in this recent post) around what constitutes “Balanced Literacy” – the compromise that was struck between the phonics-heavy and whole-language literacy camps – it’s become clear to me that…

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11 Books to Start a Book Club for Teachers – Education Rickshaw – Education Article

I love professional book clubs. If schools are serious about teacher agency and differentiating professional learning for teachers, administrators should consider teacher book clubs as an option. The following is an updated list of 10 books for professional book clubs that I’ve had the pleasure of either facilitating, attending, or just think could be great if used in a book club. I hope you find them useful in starting up a book club in your school or learning organization! Constructivist Instruction:…

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Teaching our Languages #TeachingOurLanguages (by Graham Noble) – Mr. Hill’s Musings – Education Article

Graham Noble is a Grade 4-6 ESL teacher at Delia School of Canada but will be starting an English-Humanities position at Han Academy, Hong Kong, in the fall of 2019. Graham completed an MA in International Education from the University of Bath. He writes about language, literacy, teaching and bilingualism on his blog. You can follow him on Twitter @grahamwnoble. I want to thank Adam for this opportunity to share about a project I started recently where I have invited ELLs…

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