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Try WriteReader for Making eBooks With Students – Education Article

For the last few years WriteReader has been one of my go-to recommendation for making ebooks with elementary school and middle school students. Last week WriteReader made an update that now makes it a good option for high school students. WriteReader was originally created as a tool for elementary school teachers to use to encourage and coach their students through the writing process. It still does that and more. In WriteReader students can insert pictures into page and then write about those…

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How to Choose a Digital Assessment Strategy – SULS010 – Education Article

These days it’s easy to find fun and engaging activities for your students online. Heck, you may have even found something on this blog that sparked your interest. But just because you like the activity doesn’t mean that it will assess the skills you NEED to assess. Choosing a digital assessment strategy is not easy, but it is critical to success! In this episode, I have another amazing guest who shares a lesson and assessment that didn’t work out as…

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9 Things Every Teacher Should Know About Using Listicles in Class – Education Article

Listicles are a humorous way for students to condense and share information through text and images. But how do they work in the classroom? Here’s why teachers and students can learn a thing or two (or nine) from BuzzFeed. 1. What exactly is a listicle? Gifer A listicle is a digital text that combines the words “list” and “article.” 2. And how are these listicles put together? Josue Isai Ramos Figueroa/Unsplash Listicles typically include a humorous title; numbered subtitles; a…

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