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Ending exclusion: specialist teachers trained to support most vulnerable | Education

I felt teachers often judged me because of the way I looked. I didn’t get support for my anger management issues. I wasn’t given chances and often left in an exclusion room.” So says 16-year-old Mehdi, describing his experience in mainstream schools. Mehdi says that his approach to education has been transformed since he arrived at London East Alternative Provision (Leap), in Tower Hamlets. While acknowledging the reasons for his exclusion from his last school, he says he felt unsupported…

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Schools in England to give extra lessons on dangers of knives | Education

Pupils in schools in England are to be given additional lessons before the summer holidays warning them of the dangers of carrying knives. Children at risk of knife crime are known to be vulnerable during the long summer break, especially if they have time on their hands and, with the schools shut, have no safe space. Campaigners say that, due to government cuts to youth services, there is also a shortage of activities for young people during the six-week holiday.…

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Beyond The Gate: 12 Risk Factors Of Youth Violence – Education Article

Reading Time: 3 minutes How can schools identify those most at risk? In previous blogs I have outlined the evolution of “Beyond The Gate” – our school based response to the societal challenges of youth violence. Here, blog 4 of the series, I will outline the approach that we have developed  to help identify those students who are considered most at risk. A Research Informed Approach My point is simple. Academic research and supporting evidence identifies a number of risk…

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