King’s College London

King’s College security overstepped authority over activists during Queen’s visit – inquiry | Education

King’s College London has apologised to student activists who were barred from entering the university’s buildings during a visit by the Queen in March, after an inquiry found that security staff “overstepped their authority”. An independent report (pdf) found that security staff contacted the Metropolitan police claiming that disruption was likely at the event, and passed on the names of 13 students and a staff member, as well as picking out student groups campaigning for rent reductions and better conditions…

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King’s College London to probe allegations of lecturer verbally abusing remainer | Education

A senior mental health lecturer who allegedly called a remain campaigner a “fucking traitor” and brandished a union jack flag in his face is being investigated by King’s College London. In a video shared on Twitter, Niall McCrae also appears to tell Femi Oluwole to “fuck off” at the Brexit party rally in west London on Tuesday. McCrae is then seen waving a large union jack flagpole in the campaigner’s direction and later shakes the hand of a man who…

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