Something To Call Her Own – Education Article

What the world needs now?  See, I can’t even bring myself to finish the quote.  With all the schmaltz and candy coating that comes with a Burt Bacharach refrain, it’s hard to get it out.  Sort of sticks in the throat and causes my hands to pause over the keyboard.  But, despite the preamble of pop and bubble gum, it’s true.  What the world needs now is love, sweet love.  And when children are not able to obtain the love…

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45 Captivating Water Games for Kids and Parents – Education Article

I don’t think there’s a kid on this planet (or a dog for that matter) who doesn’t associate sprinklers and water hoses with fun water games. Even parents become kids again when reminded of the fun activities they enjoyed as children. You don’t need a party for water games; a summer afternoon will do just fine. Here is a list of water games to play this summer including water racing games, water balloon games, games for kids and adults, and,…

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These Swings For Kids Are Made For Carefree Summer Days – Education Article

Think back to when you were young.  What can be a more glorious summer afternoon memory as a kid than taking a hop on a tire swing and feeling the breeze on your back? Or maybe you were more of a wooden swing type of child, letting the sun warm your face? These days, you get to choose from many more options when picking a swing for kids.  It’s one of the fun jobs as a parent – picking out…

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