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How to Create an A+ Student Thank You Package – Education Article

This post was written by Alice Pencaval, a member of the DonorsChoose.org Gratitude Operations team. You wrote a stellar proposal and the funds rolled in. Your project came to fruition and your students reaped the benefits. Filled with gratitude, it’s time to put together those promised thank-you notes for your supporters. But what constitutes an appropriate expression of thanks? How long should the notes be? How detailed and involved? Perhaps your students are better artists than writers at this point; what should you do then? Look no further. Here are some of the…

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The Blended Learning Tools that Teachers Need Most – Education Article

Since 2000, tens of thousands of teachers have used DonorsChoose.org to get the tools and resources they need to make their classroom ready for blended learning. Adding personalized, digital learning to a traditional classroom often requires new technology, a challenge for schools already struggling with budget cuts. Blending learning is an instructional strategy that uses digital content and teacher-led activities to maximize student success. The goal of blended learning is to provide individualized, self-paced instruction for all students, making it…

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How to Write an A+ Classroom Project: Technology Edition – Education Article

“The single most-needed classroom item.” That’s what teachers called tech materials in our 2016 Tech in the Classroom report, and it’s more true now than ever. In the 21st century, technology skills are vital. But technology can be expensive, and public schools across the country are struggling to stay up-to-date when facing budget cuts. Since 2000, public school teachers have used DonorsChoose.org to fund over 290,000 requests for classroom technology, from tablets to headphones and everything in between. Like all…

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