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SAT Adversity Score is an Antidote to Poison None of Us Need Take – Education Article

  Let’s say someone gave you a vial of poison.   Would you drink it? Of course not.   What if he gave you the antidote, too. Would you take the poison then?   Heck no!   Why would anyone knowingly ingest poison even if they knew they could counteract its effects?   But that’s pretty much the situation high school students across the country are in today with the SAT test.   The College Board has admitted that the…

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The Forgotten Disaster of America’s First Standardized Test – Education Article

  The merry-go-round of history continues to spin because the riders forget they are free to get off at any time.   But we rarely do it. We keep to our seats and commit the same stupid mistakes over and over again.   Take high stakes standardized testing.   It was a disaster the very first time it was attempted in America – in Boston, Massachusetts, in 1845.   Yet we continue to prescribe the same error to students in…

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A Gadfly’s Dozen: Top 13 Education Articles of 2018 (By Me) – Education Article

    I’m not going to mince words.   This year, 2018, has been a monster.   We’ve been fighting the dumbest and most corrupt President of our lives – Donald Trump. And we’ve been making progress.   Thanks to the midterm election blue wave in the U.S. House, Trump will finally have a check on his power.   We have more black and brown representatives, more women, more nationalities, ethnicities and faiths in the halls of power than ever…

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