John Spencer

What Happens When Students Own Their Learning – Education Article

Empower: What Happens When Students Own Their LearningBy John Spencer and AJ Juliani(IMPress, 2017 – Learn more) Reviewed by Laura Von Staden In this fun and easy-to-read book John Spencer and AJ Juliani guide us on a journey to move our students from compliance to empowerment. If you are one of those readers who usually skips the Foreword, don’t miss this one. This section is an in-depth start to the book – at 47 pages, it’s longer than any other…

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What does “better” mean to you and your students? – The Principal of Change – Education Article

I have been discussing innovation for probably the past ten years, and I agree with John here, 100%.  When people use the word “innovation” to describe something new (usually technology related) than it does become a buzzword.  This happens a lot in education where a term becomes “trendy” and is used without thought of what it means, which in turn makes the word a buzzword.  It is not saying that the word in itself is terrible, but it is in…

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eight book recommendations for teachers – Mr. Hill’s Musings – Education Article

It’s that time of year again! Summer is just around the corner and I’m planning my reading list for some self-paced PD in the sun. I also like helping other teachers with their professional reading so, as I do every year, I have prepared a list of eight recommendations. This list is comprised of five books that I have read and personally recommend, and three books that I will read over the summer that have been recommended by others. Of…

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