Job-Related Stress

‘Educators Can’t Forget to Take Care of Themselves’ – Education Article

Rich Glasheen, a math teacher at Ward Melville High School on Long Island, New York, usually spends around 10 to 15 minutes, sitting in the zero-gravity chair, maybe drinking a cup of tea and reading while listening to calming music. Special education teacher Katherine Jimenez is also partial to the zero-gravity chair but she relaxes to the ambient sounds and images emanating from the 65-inch flat-screen television bolted to the wall. Alyssa Ward, who works in Ward Melville’s attendance office,…

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Using Meditation to Mitigate Stress – Education Article

It’s news to exactly no one that being an educator is stressful. Longhours are spent in an environment that churns with mental, visual, and emotional stimulation. And when what should be the end of the work day finally arrives, there is still more to do. For educators, the list of stress and anxiety-inducing triggers is endless—and potentially dangerous to your career and health. Whether you’re nearing burnout’s precipice, or already staring into the abyss, meditation can help. In this first installment of a two-part…

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