Jeremy Hyler

Schools Are Suffering a Failure to Communicate – Education Article

It should be easy to communicate, right? But from where I am sitting, it seems to be more difficult than ever for both students and adults. We have E-mail, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, and so many other platforms designed for person-to-person communication. You’d think we would all be masters of communication with so many high-powered tools at our fingertips. Yet I’m seeing more and more communication breakdown among educators, parents, and students. I learned my own lesson very early this…

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Helping Today’s Students Gain Writing Endurance – Education Article

A MiddleWeb Blog “Phewwww.” A long breath – no, a long dramatic sigh – was let out by one of my 6th grade boys as he continued working on a piece of writing in my classroom a few weeks ago. My students were working on an argumentative prompt related to school sports. I felt this was a topic that would surely engage most of them – and I wasn’t wrong. They were working hard. However as my students continued to…

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