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Screen Time Can Help or Harm Youngsters. How Much is Too Much? What are Best Uses? – Education Article

How Young is Too Young for Screen Time? When They Are on Devices, What Should They be Doing? One of the things that I find disturbing about digital technology is the tendency to cavalierly put devices in the hands of very young children. I raised three kids and I get the desire to keep them busy so you can have a few moments to get something done or just take a breath. I let my kids watch TV or a…

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Project Chimera: a Live Virtual Classroom Mixing Face to Face and Distance Learning – Education Article

Combining Virtual and Face-to-Face Learning is the Ultimate ‘Blended Learning’ Imagine teaching in a face to face classroom that includes a few monitors that display students connected remotely, displayed as virtual avatars that you could interact with as if they were pretty much there with you? These students can see their fellow students (those with you and those at a distance), can hear you and see any content you share or project, and can talk to…

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Why Using SMS Texting in the Classroom can be a Great Idea – Education Article

Teaching has changed in the last years. Students are more involved in their own learning, having the necessary space to discover solutions. Professors, on the other hand, are able to do things that were not possible before, such as going on virtual trips, sharing content online, and engaging with social media. Allowing the use of technology in the classroom can encourage active learning, producing new understanding and knowledge, inquiry, and, last but not least, exploration. One of these technologies is…

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