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4 Psychology Principles To Leverage In Mobile Apps To Make Learning Fun – Education Article

Today’s youth is in the centre of an unplanned, extensive experiment, surrounded by digital technologies that were hardly around a decade ago. Mobile apps are at the very apex of this boom and educational mobile apps are spearheading the current learning revolution.  According to a statista report, educational apps are the third most popular app category on the app store as of November 2019. These account for a 8.68% share of all apps in the market.  However, not all apps…

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Screen Time Can Help or Harm Youngsters. How Much is Too Much? What are Best Uses? – Education Article

How Young is Too Young for Screen Time? When They Are on Devices, What Should They be Doing? One of the things that I find disturbing about digital technology is the tendency to cavalierly put devices in the hands of very young children. I raised three kids and I get the desire to keep them busy so you can have a few moments to get something done or just take a breath. I let my kids watch TV or a…

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Create Compelling Reads with the Kabookey Multimedia E-book Ecosystem – Education Article

Kabookey™ delivers what an interactive e-book should be. E-learning has come a long way. Rapid e-learning tools have evolved over the years, and with them, the opportunity to create interactivity, video, branched scenarios and more. We’ve seen technologies shift from Flash to HTML5, and we’ve seen new tools emerge and old “friends” reconfigured and renewed to support the delivery of effective learning to mobile devices. We’ve also seen a plethora of tools that create rich interactivity and games – some…

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