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Ways for Quiet Kids to Share Their Voice – Education Article

Part of honoring student voice in the classroom is providing multiple ways for students to share what they have learned. Regular readers of the blog (sign up here) know that I love sharing EdTech strategies. This includes ways for them to participate with more options than raising their hand for a whole class discussion. I’ve had the chance to see fellow New Jersey educator Chrissy Romano speak at events the past few years. So when her new book about strategies…

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Thinkrolls Space Puzzle App for Kids – Education Article

Today is the official launch day of Avokiddo’s brand new app, Thinkrolls Space! Have you heard the news? Thinkrolls Space is a kid-friendly puzzle app. Students have access to hundreds of mazes set across seven different planets. Regular followers of the blog know that I’m a big fan of the Thinkrolls apps. I’ve partnered with Avokiddo this year to share the classroom potential for these EdTech tools. Well, the new app Thinkrolls Space takes this puzzle game into outer space…

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Problem Solving Apps for Kids from Avokiddo – Education Article

Can an app help students learn problem solving? The Avokiddo collection of apps for students includes a handful of different options for classrooms and families. This year I’ve partnered with Avokiddo to show off the ways that their dynamic, high-quality apps energize instruction and provide opportunities for creativity and exploration. If you haven’t heard of Avokiddo before, they are the team behind a handful of powerful learning apps. These apps are perfect for use both inside and outside the classroom.…

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