Infinitive and Gerund

Full Infinitive After Adjectives, Question Words, and To Give Reason – Education Article

This worksheet lets students practise the form and use of the full infinitive, including the negative form. It focuses on the use of the full infinitive after adjectives, question words, some verbs and to give reason. It is a grammar practice worksheet – a completion and a reordering exercise to help students think about the use of he full infinitive. There is an answer key. Similar Worksheets Download the worksheet(140.02 Kb, 0 downloads)

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Infinitive or Gerund Song Fill in the Blank – Education Article

This section is aimed at testing your competence in the use of infinitives and gerunds. Listen to the bits of songs and fill in the gaps provided in the lyrics. The material targets students of the intermediate level. It helps them to figure out the contexts in which particular non-finite forms (infinitives / gerunds) are used.   Songs included are: How Could An Angel Break My Heart? by Toni Braxton Tired of Being Lonely by Enrique Iglesias Umbrella by Rhianna…

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