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Starting a Teaching Job Mid-Year – Education Article

For teachers, starting in a new class in January requires a unique kind of pre-planning. You’re stepping in mid-year (for any number of reasons, some of which you may not find out until after your in the job) and you have completely different challenges to face than a teacher starting in August or September. Here are a few classroom management tips to help you make a smooth transition into your new classroom: Learn your students names- immediately. This one goes…

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Reddit: A Resource for Teachers – Education Article

Teachers are incredibly resourceful at finding information and advice from fellow teachers. By reading blogs, scouting Pinterest, finding mentors, and buying lesson plans from other teachers, an educator can gather useful information to prepare herself for managing a classroom. But there is one resource educators often overlook that can be incredibly helpful throughout the school year: Reddit. Reddit Reddit is a website full of forums on just about anything and everything under the sun. Seriously, almost everything is discussed on…

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