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Aid to education falls slightly in 2017, shifts away from primary education – Education Article

In 2017, aid to education totaled US$ 13.2 billion, down 2% or US$288 million compared to 2016. The figures analysed by our team show that the level of aid to education continue to stagnate, growing by only 1% per year on average since 2009. These figures raise questions about the global commitment to achieving SDG 4, the global education goal. A drop in aid to education could be something to celebrate if it looked like it was due to governments…

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Over $1.7 billion committed to education at the Global Citizenship Festival – Education Article

Significant strides were made to #FundEducation at the Global Citizen Festival Mandela 100’ this week, totaling just over US$ 1.7 billion. It is often said that 2019 is the year of education: SDG 4 is going to be reviewed for the first time at the High-level Political Forum, while major decisions are anticipated on the international education aid architecture. These prospects are creating a sense of momentum. This week, celebrating the centenary of Nelson Mandela, Global Citizen with the Mostepe…

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