How to Fix Education

Opinion: Why Teachers Shouldn’t Write Curriculum – Education Article

The word “curriculum,” as it pertains to education, can include everything from the materials used to teach our students to the planned learning experiences. If we think of the Common Core standards as the academic destination for our students (the “what” we want them to know and be able to do), our curriculum is the vehicle for getting them there. However, teachers are often asked to do too much when it comes to curriculum design and planning. However, teachers are…

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What Teacher Choice in PD Should Look Like – Education Article

We all know how it feels to attend a half-hearted PD session we don’t think will be useful in our classrooms. Maybe it’s the content that feels irrelevant or the structure of the session. Whatever the cause, teachers are tired of attending PD that doesn’t fit our personal needs or the needs of our school community. So, what should be done about it? Betsy DeVos has recently stated she supports Trump’s proposed budget that includes cutting the $2.35 billion Title…

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Activists in education are needed now more than ever – Education Article

The year: 1980 Activists in education are needed now more than ever. I was thirteen years old when I saw this coming. A smug ex-actor with Brylcreemed hair dropped a condescending line in a presidential debate. That isn’t a big deal by itself, especially when you consider how low the presidential decency bar currently is. But at the time, about four decades ago, I understood what was happening. In politics, substance and representation (moral obligation) was losing to style (sponsored…

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