Houston Independent School District

Copyright Violations in the Classroom: When Beg, Borrow, and Steal Turns into a Crime – Education Article

When you are a newbie teacher entering the profession, a veteran will pull you to the side and say, “It is okay to beg, borrow, and steal.” It is a teacher right of passage to be told this knowledge and to implement it.  Because many schools across the United States are lacking the appropriate resources for teachers to deliver instruction effectively, it becomes a necessity and habit for some. Beg On Friday, I will wrap up the 13th year of…

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Reblogged: HISD won’t tolerate a hostile takeover of brown and black schools – Education Article

Other than the situation in Los Angeles USD. I believe that Houston is currently our most pressing urban district situation. The Republicans in Texas Legislature would like to take over the democratically-elected majority minority school board and turn Houston ISD into a charter district. I have a special place in my heart for Houston ISD as my career began there in 1999-2001. This op-ed was originally posted here in the Houston Chronicle. Last month the Houston Independent School District Board…

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