‘It reduces surgical error’: can VR train better doctors? | Education

George is seriously ill. Sat on the hospital bed facing his doctor, he begins to grow pale and clammy. His breathing becomes laboured and his heart rate slows. Time is running out. The doctor must diagnose George or his condition could deteriorate fast. In the worst case scenario he could die. Luckily, if that happens, the student doctors treating him will reboot the software they’re using and try again. George is the creation of virtual reality (VR) software provider Oxford…

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Next NHS staff shortages will include radiographers, as courses close | Education

Radiography and nursing degree courses may be at risk of closure, academics are warning – at a time when the NHS is wrestling with a recruitment crisis. The Council of Deans of Health has now drawn up an “at risk” list of university courses struggling to attract and retain enough students following the removal of the student bursary in 2017. The courses include: radiography, mental health nursing, learning disability nursing, podiatry and prosthetics. The list also includes orthotics, which is…

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