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Handling Homeschool Opposition – Education Article

Choosing homeschooling as an education method can draw a lot of heat from people who don’t understand exactly what you are doing. As you get started (and even when you’ve been homeschooling for a long time), you will discover that some people you encounter are prone to drilling you with questions about that choice, will argue with you about what you are doing, and flat-out refuse to accept your decision to homeschool as valid.  This homeschool opposition can be unsettling…

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5 Rural Homeschooling Challenges & How To Deal With Them – Education Article

Are you a family considering rural homeschooling your kids? Maybe you live on a farm far from the city. Or maybe you live in the wilderness of Canada’s far north, as we do. While rural and remote families may have many different reasons to homeschool, we all have one thing in common. The challenges. Yet many families manage to live, work, and homeschool far from the services, support, and amenities of Canada’s major cities. If you’re considering homeschooling in a remote rural…

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