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Think Twice Before Doing Another Historical Simulation – Education Article

Listen to my interview with Hasan Kwame Jeffries (transcript): Sponsored by ProWritingAid* and Chill Expeditions *Cult of Pedagogy is an affiliate for ProWritingAid. If you sign up for a paid account through the provided link, Cult of Pedagogy gets a small percentage of the sale at no extra cost to you.   What better way is there to learn about something than to actually live it? That’s the thinking behind classroom simulations, where teachers attempt to re-create an event and…

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Deeper Class Discussions with the TQE Method – Education Article

Listen to my interview with Marisa Thompson (transcript): Sponsored by Peergrade and 3Doodler   So much of the learning we do comes from texts: articles, textbooks, novels, and all kinds of online publications. Sometimes, those texts come in less traditional forms; in fact, our use of the word “text” has broadened over time to include things like films, images, and even diagrams. Regardless of what form they come in, texts make up the bulk of how our students experience learning.…

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Voice of Witness: Bring the Power of Oral History to Your Classroom – Education Article

Listen to my interview with Cliff Mayotte (transcript): Sponsored by Peergrade and 3Doodler   Teaching history and English has gotten complicated. For many, many years, educational publishers produced texts that centered an overwhelmingly white, European experience. But in recent decades, there’s been a push to change that, to widen the lens, to hear the voices of those who are so often under- or misrepresented. Many teachers have done an admirable job of addressing this need by expanding the menu of…

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