History of art

Roger Cardinal obituary | Education

In 1972, Roger Cardinal wrote a book intended to bring to an English-speaking audience the French concept of art brut – literally “raw” or “uncooked” art – a term coined by the painter Jean Dubuffet to describe the work of the neurodiverse, then labelled more baldly as “mad”, eccentric or unworldly. Cardinal’s own preference, as a book title, was to leave the term as it was. “You’ve got art nouveau and art deco,” he reasoned with his publishers, “and now…

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Why my daughter said no to Oxford University and yes to Leeds | Education

Last March, my daughter turned down a place at Oxford University, and at the end of September she will begin her degree at the University of Leeds. After months of research, advice, interviews and stays with friends at both places, Rose* decided that while she would no doubt be happy reading History of Art at Oxford, she’d be even happier studying the same subject at Leeds. Her decision was not easy and caused her far more anxiety than A-levels did…

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