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Polly Corrigan obituary | Education

My daughter, Polly Corrigan, who has died of cancer aged 45, was a PhD candidate and teaching assistant at King’s College London, leading seminars in intelligence and war studies. Polly was born in London, the elder of two children, and grew up around Camden Town, attending Haverstock school. Her father, Michael Corrigan, and I both worked as journalists. In 1992, Polly spent a year teaching English in nascent capitalist Moscow, nurturing a lifelong fascination with the outgoing Soviet system. At…

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Modelling the past to predict the future | Letters | Education

Laura Spinney’s important, excellent long read (Calculating the future, 12 November) draws attention to the developments in quantitative approaches to history pioneered by Jack Goldstone and Peter Turchin, including the journal Cliodynamics, and their predictive possibilities. She could have mentioned the predictive success of Turchin’s quantitative approach (including modelling the rise of popular unrest when average wages lag behind GDP growth per head, meaning rising inequality) regarding the rise of Donald Trump and of support for Brexit. My article in…

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