20 real-world examples of Augmented Reality – Education Article

The 2019 instalment of Virtual Reality Working Out Loud Week kicks off next month. For a couple of previous VR WOL Weeks I’ve collated lists of the examples that the participants unearthed – see 20 real-world examples of Virtual Reality and 25 more real-world examples of Virtual Reality. This time however I’ve decided to do something different. I’ve decided to focus my attention on Augmented Reality. As with VR, there’s plenty of talk out there about how wonderful AR is…

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25 more real-world examples of Virtual Reality – Education Article

A couple of years ago I started up Virtual Reality Working Out Loud Week to promote real-world applications of virtual reality. The inaugural #VRwolweek unearthed 20 real-world examples of the emerging technology, and the enduring popularity of that blog post tells me that we are hungry for more. Loath to disappoint, I hereby present 25 more real-world examples of virtual reality, drawn from this year’s and last year’s events. I thank everyone who contributed to the following list. Kicking off…

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The Holiday Season Brings Fear and Resentment for Many Students – Education Article

“I hate Christmas.”   Teachers hear that with surprising regularity around this time of year.   I hate Christmas. I hate Thanksgiving. I hate every holiday.   America’s public school students are living under tremendous pressure.   The social safety net is full of holes. And our children are left to fall through the ripped and torn fabric.   The sad fact is that one in four students in America’s classrooms have experienced a traumatic event.   So if your…

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