Harvard University

Justice department sides with Asian American students in Harvard bias lawsuit | Education

The Trump administration on Thursday sided with Asian American students suing Harvard University over its consideration of race in its admissions policy. The lawsuit, filed by Students for Fair Admission on behalf of the students, argues that Harvard discriminates against Asian American applicants. The justice department said in a court filing that the school has failed to demonstrate it does not discriminate on the basis of race. Harvard did not immediately respond to a request for comment, but the school…

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This is how white privilege plays out in the Harvard admissions process | Education

For those who believe that white privilege is a myth, a new study on the Harvard admissions process may debunk that. After Students for Fair Admissions took Harvard to court for allegedly discriminating against Asian Americans in a high-profile case last year, researchers – including one expert involved in the lawsuit – have examined some of the documents made publicly available from that case. On Tuesday the judge in the case ruled that Harvard’s admissions policy, though not perfect, did…

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Harvard president compares fundraising changes to abolition of slavery | Education

The president of Harvard University has apologized for likening the 13th amendment to the US constitution – which abolished slavery – to changes in how colleges raise funds. On Tuesday, the Boston Globe reported, Larry Bacow suggested that as the 13th amendment outlawed slavery, wealthy alumni could no longer be “owned” by their alma maters. The comment came during a meeting of “hundreds” of fundraising and alumni relations staffers, in a discussion of a fundraising campaign that encourages graduates to…

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