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Relationships With Regents – The Teacher And The Admin – Education Article

By Colleen Mannion, Teacher and Sean Mannion, Student How often do we reach out to our students and ask them how they feel? I’m fortunate enough to have an incredible 15 year old brother who I absolutely adore and for the first time the other day, we really talked about school. Not just your typical “good”, “okay”, “nothing”, “yeah” that you get from a teenager, but an actual conversation where I asked more meaningful questions that really made him stop…

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End The Year Strong…Your Kids Need You And Each Other – The Teacher And The Admin – Education Article

By Krystal Cerna 26 days left, but who’s counting! (unless you’re a high school teacher, then you can disregard and minus like 26 days from that number, %*$@!!) As the school year comes to a screeching halt, most of us will stress over last minute assessments, inputting data, getting students to the proper reading level, completing end of the year files, and packing up classrooms (unless you’re a high school teacher! LOL). The list goes on and as each day…

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Project-Based Learning as a Pedagogical Approach – The Teacher And The Admin – Education Article

A Guest Column written by Ken Wojehowski, A Teacher and Dr. Joe Lloyd, an Admin Dr. Joe Lloyd, Admin Quite often, we hear that many of ‘tomorrow’s’ jobs have yet to be created. When ‘visioning’ what the field of education might look like in the near future, this can lead to intriguing ideas and also some inexactitude. Despite this ambiguity, Project-Based Learning features as a novel and compelling pedagogical approach. Flashback Earlier this fall, on a sleepy Sunday morning, I…

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