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Tony Pitman’s preference for the German selective over the Finnish comprehensive model (Letters, 1 July) is based on flimsy reasoning and scant empirical evidence. The reason the Finnish model is so attractive is that it has plainly worked, as every new OECD study of global education systems shows. Incidentally, the same studies show that selective systems of the kind he favours are far less effective in terms of resultant economic productivity than inclusive ones. There is also no evidence that…

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Podcast 49: What Do Effective Teachers Do? – Education Article

Podcast 49: What Do Effective Teachers Do? | TeacherToolkit 25th May 201924th May 2019 Joshua McGovern 139 Views Brookburn Primary School, bursaries, Economics, Freelance, Grammar Schools, Institute for Government, PhD, Policy, policymakers, Professor Becky Allen, Professor Simon Burgess, Research, Sam Sims, Spillover, Teacher Training, The Teacher Gap, Think Tank, UCL, working conditions, Workload Reading Time: 1 minute What do effective teachers do and what are the benefits of pupils attending grammar schools? These are just two of the questions posed…

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