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#1MinCPD: New Education Inspection Framework! – Education Article

#1MinCPD: New Education Inspection Framework! | TeacherToolkit 22nd May 201922nd May 2019 Hanna Beech 585 Views #EIF2019, Curriculum, Deep Dive, Education Inspection Framework, Grading Schools, Impact, Implementation, Intent, Ofsted, Quality of Education, School Inspections, Short Inspections Reading Time: 1 minute Do you need a brief overview of some of the key points from the Education Inspection Framework (2019)? Here are a few highlights to keep you in the school inspection loop – there will be no ‘deep diving’! The 4-point…

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Imagine (Always) Not Being Good Enough – Education Article

Reading Time: 3 minutes Are you good enough to be a teacher? Imagine this scenario: you have a scheduled observation with your line manager and you have been teaching for over 10 years. The next 60 minutes of your life determines your pay rise, your job security, immediate workload and your mental health. The above scenario is very common in our English state schools, where, regardless of how long you have been teaching, schools have squeezed down teacher observation into…

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System Leadership and School Improvement – Education Article

Reading Time: 1 minute How do we find the next generation of teachers to step up to leadership? In a high-stakes accountability system, how do we nurture the next generation of school leaders and reduce a football-manager-syndrome culture. This is a question I have been asking England’s inspection watchdog for a number of years … Macro accountability … Headteachers (at least that’s what they called themselves a decade ago) used to settle their disputes with the local authority, or with…

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