A Principal’s Reflections: The Problem With Zeros – Education Article

A Principal’s Reflections: The Problem With Zeros The Problem With Zeros The dreaded zero. For many students, this number elicits a certain amount of fear and anxiety that all assignments are turned in on time. I, for one, felt this way and made sure that everything was turned in when it was due.  Compliance and following rules, even if I didn’t agree with them, were just natural parts of my view of school.  Unfortunately, the effect does not transcend to…

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Planning Blind: The Limitations of Test Scores – Education Article

Warning: Grumpy face. You’ve run the race, and you need to start strategizing how you will train for the next one. But you won’t know the results of the race for months. Innovation can be exhilarating… as well as exhausting, and challenging given our current levels of funding (and therefore staffing, training and other resources). I think I have already written about that to some degree this year. Innovation with the added pressure of being an “F” school in the…

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