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Ethermap Streamlines Collaborative Map Creation – Education Article

Ethermap is a new tool that simplifies the process of collaboratively creating online maps. Unlike Google’s My Maps, Google Earth, or ESRI’s mapping tools, Ethermap doesn’t require user registration. In fact, there isn’t even a place to enter your email address on the Ethermap site. To create a map on Ethermap simply head to the site then enter a title for your map and click “create map.” On the next screen you’ll see a map that you can search, browse,…

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How to Measure Distances in Google Maps – Education Article

A couple of weeks ago in the Practical Ed Tech newsletter I featured ten ways to use Google Earth in your classroom for more than just social studies lessons. Many of the ideas in that list can also be applied to the web browser version Google Maps. A good example of that is found in Tom Barrett’s Maths Maps. Maths Maps is series of activities designed to help elementary school students develop an understanding of distance, scale, and units of…

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