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The Complete Guide to Google Certifications (FREE eBook) – Education Article

HERE’S WHAT’S INCLUDED: I have synthesized the information about all of the Google Certification options into an easy-to-follow guide. This handbook was designed to help you determine which certification(s) are right for you. CONTENTS The Google for Education Teaching Center: information about the free resources from Google. Google Certifications for Educators: information and detailed comparison of the certification options available to educators.  Google Certified Educator Level 1: details about the Level 1 certification, what you have to know, and the…

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Google Docs Cheat Sheet – Education Article

Google Docs Cheat Sheet! I am #superexcited to announce the release of a brand new, updated, Google Docs Cheat Sheet for teachers, students, or anyone! In this handy, Google Docs reference guide, you will get access to beautiful screenshots of all the main features of Google Docs. This is a great reference guide for experienced users, and a fabulous tutorial to help new users learn the basics of Google Docs. Back in 2014, I released the first version of this…

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