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What Is Gradebook In Google Classroom? A Quick Overview For Teachers – – Education Article

What Is Gradebook In Google Classroom? by TeachThought Staff What is Google Classroom Gradebook? In short, it’s exactly what it sounds like it’d be: a way to view and manage grades within Google Classroom. Here’s how Google explains it: Google Classroom Gradebook: Instructors will have a dedicated grading area where they can view all of a student’s work to easily input grades and view progress across classwork. Instructors will also be able to view and customize average grades, set up…

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Google Classroom Cleanup Tips for the End of the Year – Education Article

It’s that time of year again! As many teachers begin to wrap up the end of the school year and prepare for summer, let’s make sure everything is clean and organized! I’ve put together some Google Classroom cleanup tips for the end of the year! Google Classroom and Google Drive can get quite messy throughout the school year, and you want to get everything cleaned up and set up for success in the next school year. Let’s go all Marie…

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5 Things to Know About the New Google Classroom Webinar – Education Article

Ready to catch up with Google Classroom, learn about the new features and how to implement in your classroom? This webinar will walk you through the BIG 2018 updates and give you a good overview of how to navigate the new Google Classroom. This is a MUST SEE Google Classroom Tutorial! This is only a snippet of a Education Article written by Kasey Bell Read Full Article

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