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Increasing Awareness of Water Scarcity – National Geographic Education Blog – Education Article

Frieda de Bruyn helped her high school biology students cultivate awareness about global water scarcity. Students also gained a sense of responsibility for their own water usage and developed empathy for people affected by water scarcity around the world. Frieda de Bruyn is a high school biology teacher at Prestige College in Hammanskraal, South Africa. Photo by Harrison Montsho How did you generate awareness of water scarcity and make the issue relevant to your students? My students and I live…

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Improving Access to Books Worldwide – National Geographic Education Blog – Education Article

Susan Geidner’s kindergarten library class read nonfiction texts with the goal of raising awareness about access to books worldwide. This project led to a community-wide effort to help build a library in a town in Vietnam. Susan Geidner is a librarian at Avoca West Elementary School in Glenview, Illinois. Photo courtesy Susan Geidner What was the goal of your library awareness project, and how did you accomplish your goal? I wanted the kindergarten students in my library class to understand…

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