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The Thinking and Creativity That Goes Into Game Design – Teacher Reboot Camp – Education Article

Part of the December 2019 STEM Resources Digital Calendar! Students can design a game in any subject to assess their peers. When students design games they use a lot of creativity and critical thinking skills. Students must imagine and design worlds, characters, levels, sound effects, game elements, and more. Students must determine what they want their peers to accomplish in their games and strategize different levels, bonuses, easter eggs, and traps. Below is a graphic illustrating the type of skills…

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The Heart of Educational Game Design – – Education Article

Four key areas to consider when designing and evaluating digital learning games. GUEST COLUMN | by Natalie F. Masters Gamification is trending across the modern educational landscape, and digital learning games are exploding onto the educational technology marketplace. With so much discussion, even hype, surrounding games and learning, many educators are looking to the research. While the body of research on digital learning games may be relatively sparse when compared with, say, the body of research on literacy instruction, and perhaps no less…

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