Changing the 4Rs in Education means jumping hurdles – EDUWELLS – Education Article

Humans don’t like change. It takes us time to adapt to any situation and once we’re comfortable, any change is the treat to our comfort and safety. Any change has to jump the multiple hurdles such as fear, comfort, prejudice, assumptions, new understandings, and existing habits. In schools, change challenges teachers the most and each person has a uniquely variation of these hurdles. Parents generally go for any education that keeps their children happy and keen. Most parents are optimistic…

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Teachers don’t have the correct answer – EDUWELLS – Education Article

It is human nature to not want to be wrong but some people take this to the extreme and exhibit what’s know as the “God complex“. Education suffers from the God Complex. This condition specifically crops up in complex situations where despite the complexity, people are certain their solution is the correct one. I’m writing this for two reasons, firstly I was reminded of Tim Harford’s TED talk on trial and error, and the God Complex, and secondly because my…

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