Future of Education Technology

Digital Badges Continue to Grow – Are You Using Them at Your School Yet? – Education Article

Digital Badges are gaining wider acceptance. They are clearly here to stay. I’m a fan of digital badges. I believe they are going to become a widely accepted part of the educational landscape in both K-12 and higher education. I also believe that for this to happen, the business community needs to embrace them. This has already started to happen, with companies like IBM, Salesforce, and Ernst & Young developing their own badging initiatives. We’ve seen municipalities embrace them as…

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Project Chimera: a Live Virtual Classroom Mixing Face to Face and Distance Learning – Education Article

Combining Virtual and Face-to-Face Learning is the Ultimate ‘Blended Learning’ Imagine teaching in a face to face classroom that includes a few monitors that display students connected remotely, displayed as virtual avatars that you could interact with as if they were pretty much there with you? These students can see their fellow students (those with you and those at a distance), can hear you and see any content you share or project, and can talk to…

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How Will IoT Change the Education Sphere? – Education Article

The Internet of Things (IoT) is a revolutionary change taking place right under our noses that promises to transform a myriad of sectors including education. It not only seeks to augment traditional human-to-human classroom interactions, but also challenges education in a broader sense. IoT invokes opposing emotions. While technology evangelists are placing their bets on IoT, integrated objects, and an automated world, others are not too thrilled with the development, considering the privacy threats that it poses and finances that…

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