Lockdown from a teenager’s perspective | Letter | Education

When I heard schools were going to close, I was like every other 15-year-old: excited. Thinking home schooling would be great. What could be better than not having to get up at the crack of dawn or rushing to get out of the house? For the first few weeks it was brilliant, until the novelty started to wear off. The pandemic has made me realise how much students take teachers for granted. Now, if I’m stuck on a piece of…

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Thank you to … my much-missed friend, who believed in me more than anyone had before | Life and style

Dear Helen, I am writing to thank you, with all my heart, for the guidance, unswerving friendship, endless laughs and crazy disco-dancing to Kool and the Gang, spanning 40 years. We first met when I, a stroppy, 16-year-old wiseass, tried to psych out you, a callow, 25-year-old teacher, on your first day as my sixth-form tutor. I was impressed that you did not flinch under my well-honed barrage of sarcastic put-downs, but instead made me laugh out loud. I was…

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