How much part-time work should I take on while studying? | Education

“I couldn’t afford to be at uni if I didn’t work,” says Mathilda Wilde, who graduated from the University of Manchester last year. “The loan didn’t cover my rent.” Wilde worked two jobs – one as a lifeguard and one as a waitress for a catering company – during her studies; both were on zero-hour contracts. “I was under 21 so I was earning about £6.50 an hour and often working 5am to 3pm,” she says. “I was always envious…

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‘My hand shook so much I spilled my tea’: a guide for the introverted fresher | Education

The start of each university year brings fresh images of young students draped over each other in an alcoholic haze, relishing their first taste of freedom. There’s partying until the early hours and the shared pain of hangovers in the morning. But what happens to those who don’t drink, or find it hard to meet and socialise with strangers? Although they don’t lose their phones or ruin their new trainers with paint bombs, there is no disguising the fact that…

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