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Free Templates for Positive Encouragement Post-its – Education Article

We have just the thing to help you spread kindness and positivity in your classroom. These templates for printing on Post-its include words of encouragement and other positive messaging, fit for any scenario. With 18 different templates to choose from, you’ll love filling student pages and your classroom with these Post-it notes. Be sure to look for our graphing Post-its here and our other templates (including rubrics).  Not sure how to print your encouragement Post-its? Check out this video.  Prep…

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Tired Teacher Bingo, The Game You Didn’t Know You Needed – Education Article

It’s May. We’re wrapping up another long school year, and we’re tired. Very tired. So tired we’ve done things like “forgot what day it is,” “used dry shampoo three days in a row,” and “wore two different shoes.” Enter Tired Teacher Bingo, the game you didn’t know you needed. Winning is simple. Just complete enough of these exhausted teacher tropes and you’ll immediately go on summer break. Just kidding. We can’t guarantee that. But we can guarantee some laughs when…

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