A Powerful Tool Across Disciplines – Education Article

By Katie McGrath Conversation connects us. But think about how different our conversations can be. There are times when my husband and I have a quick check-in talk. We discuss what time our boys need to be picked up at karate or what we need from the grocery store for dinner. Other times we engage in deep discussions envisioning our next home or how we will support one another as we pursue our professional goals. While both of these conversations…

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Reframing the capability framework | E-Learning Provocateur – Education Article

There once was a time when I didn’t respect the capability framework. I saw it as yet another example of HR fluff. You want me to be innovative? No kidding. And collaborative? What a great idea! And you want me to focus on our customers? Crikey, why didn’t I think of that?! But that was then, and this is now. Now I realise that I severely underestimated the level of support that my colleagues seek in relation to their learning…

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7 tips for custodians of capability frameworks – Education Article

Wow, my previous blog post elicited some rich comments from my peers in the L&D profession. Reframing the capability framework was my first foray into publishing my thoughts on the subject, in which I argued in favour of using the oft-ignored resource as a tool to be proactive and add value to the business. To everyone who contributed a comment, not only via my blog but also on Twitter and LinkedIn… thank you. Your insights have helped me shape my subsequent…

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